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5 Things That Made Me

Book Design | Content Writing | Photography

Bookforms- Fall 2018

When I look back on my childhood all of my memories come back to me in a soft pink glow and a warm sense of nostalgia that wraps around me much like the knitted sleeve that surrounds this book. I was lucky to have a childhood that was happy and full of amazing adventures that many kids could only dream of. I got to live in exotic places and travel the world, meet amazing friends, and learn so many interesting things. My childhood shaped the person I am today, and much like my experiences shaped me, so too did the objects in my life. Each of my objects playing a role in various stages in my life from my early years, all the way through to my teens. These objects are the things that made me. 

This book is hand-covered and bound in the Japanese style stab binding. The cover is hand-knitted pink yarn, with a white ribbon as a closure

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