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Meet the Designer

I'm Maddie Kapfhammer (hint: the f is silent), a graphic designer based out of Louisville, Kentucky. I recently received my BFA in graphic design from the University of Louisville. Born in Maryland, I was raised all over the world, including Germany, Australia, and Ohio. I have a love for photography, books, and classic movies.  


Problem-solving and content creation are two really big passions for me, and they are what drew me to this field. I love the process of cultivating an idea from start to finish and really thinking big picture about the project. I'm also a lover of the details and I love to create and write content for my pieces. Words can be so powerful when used correctly and I love to play around with them in my work. Design can be so much more than just aesthetics, and that's something I love. You've got to have beauty but also the brains to back it up. 


My Resume


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