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Discussions by Design

Brand Redesign | Brand Identity | Brand Messaging | Social Media | General Design

Archetype Method- Winter 2020-21

As part of a freelance contract with Archetype Method, I worked with clients on their brand identity and provided them with some basic tools for their businesses. Discussions by Design is an executive coaching firm that works with businesses to create better work environments and interpersonal relationships. Their CEO and founder Brenda Hooper was looking to do a rebrand.

I worked with the client to create branding mood boards, new logos, business cards, letterheads, presentation slides, and some design ideas for possible websites. Brenda also had an interest in building a social media following, so I provided some post templates and a social media guide for her to follow. I also gave the client a comprehensive branding guide, which included all the information on logo, color, and font usage, as well as brand messaging and tone of voice. 


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