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UX Design | Content Writing

Web Design - Spring 2018

Deep in the woods of Washington state, there are creatures who are suffering. Everyday Sasquatches in this country are subjects of harassment and something needs to be done. The Mythical Undiscovered Creatures Alliance (M.U.C.A.) has decided to step in on behalf of Sasquatches everywhere. M.U.C.A. has created a campaign to help, not just Sasquatches, but all mythical creatures who sure from bullying. 

On our website you can learn more about ordinance 1984-2, and what it means for Sasquatches and their sub-species. You can also meet the victims of this harassment, and find support. 

M.U.C.A. has also championed Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, and Gnomes everywhere. Their campaign billboards can be seen all over the world, wherever they are needed.

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