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Savon Typeface

Font Design 

Handlettering and Font Design - Spring 2019

I have long had a love of French culture. As I was listening to Édith Piaf during my Handlettering and Font design course, I was inspired to create a font inspired by early 1900s French advertisements for soap. It's from there that I got the name ‘Savon’ which means soap in French. 

Savon is a condensed serif. It has a very high x-height and has both high and low crossbars. There are only two widths of line for the entire font and most letters are identical in size.

Since the name was so fitting, I created a line of bar hand soaps from the letters. I combined watercolor backgrounds and vintage drawings of women and flowers with my letters to create a feminine and soft design for mon Savon pour ses mains. 

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