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Vincent Cheng 

Brand Identity | Brand Messaging | Social Media | General Design

Archetype Method- Winter 2020-21

As part of a freelance contract with Archetype Method, I worked with clients on their brand identity and provided them with some basic tools for their businesses. Vincent Cheng is a psychotherapist and life coach looking for some personal branding and help with his upcoming book.

I worked with the client to create branding mood boards, new logos, business cards, letterheads, presentation slides, and some design ideas for possible websites. Since Vincent was also working on a new book I provided him with some possible cover ideas as well. While Vincent isn't currently active on social media, I provided him with a social media guide and some examples of posts. I also gave the client a comprehensive branding guide, which included all the information on logo, color, and font usage, as well as brand messaging and tone of voice. 


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